Four hours of full entertainment. We call different listeners who are registered to get the chance for simple questions & big prizes. Ask simple quiz for everyone to be answered via text. Surprise call We call celebrities & special personalities without their knowledge of our plan to have them on the show live for telephone conversations and pranks as well. The Insider We break sensational & exclusive news about artists, athletes & unexpected events. The Love Clinic An imaginary clinic & imaginary doctors that will treat the ‘patients’ calling for help whom are assumed to be infected by love & will be given the best remedy by the love Drs.

We have three segments on this day. Infotainment focuses on vital & entertaining information. Edutainment deals with educative materials like IT, health and others. The last segment is about funny and bizarre news of the showbiz world.

We cover different issues from love to sports, from addictions to hard working habits, from family to education, from tourism to physical exercise. We discuss & share ideas with our listeners by selecting different ideas and topics. Thursday

An imaginary domestic and international flight by imaginary captains. We fly all over the world under the theme Tourism. Also invite VIPs on flights and reserves our first class seats for them.